Why Access Centre

Professional Translation Services 24/7

Fast Service

Business is often bound by tight schedules, so we respond rapidly with price quotes and offer rush service for projects if needed.
Our team is working around the clock, to meet our clients' deadlines.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Our Clients' confidentiality and privacy are taken very seriously.
We keep all information and documents confidential and take many steps to ensure security of information.
The professionals working at Access Centre evaluate the document from various angles, ranging from the level of difficulty to subject and deadline before acceptance. This pre-evaluation helps our translators to understand the requirements of the clients and work accordingly.
We have experts based around the world with ten of years' professional experience in translating documents to an extremely high standard. We always seek to develop excellent on-going relationships with our clients, based on trust and professionalism. These relationships are the backbone of our company.
We require our translators to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to give clients peace of mind.
In today's world, no business is an island. Companies are not only connected to their local community and partners, but also to other people and organizations around the region and the world. The ability to communicate effectively to these parties is paramount, which often involves the need for quality translation and interpretation services.

Reliable experience

Our Business Translation services extend to cover different industries, for example but not limited to: Government, Medical, Marketing, Financial, Education, Academic and Legal.
Our technical interpreters understand the industry-specific vocabulary necessary to ensure that the message of our clients is communicated consistently.


Our Quality is based on:

  • Our Quality Assurance system guarantees the accuracy and consistency of each and every job.
  • Proven proficient expertise in All Languages and All Disciplines.
  • We understand the cultural differences between languages and use precise terminology suitable for your industry and targeted markets.
  • Customized terminology dictionary for each industry and each client expedites the translation process and safeguards consistency.

Existing Major Clients

Access Center deals with elite major firms of prime importance in the Gulf market.
The majority of our core clients are satisfied with our distinguished performance. We are thus devoted to uniqueness and strive for perfection