Access Centre for Translation Services

Professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality are the main pillars upon which our translation services are based, So we will assign a Project Manager to your account to ensure that each step of the process is completed according to your exact specifications.
Since 2010, Access Centre has been a preferred resource for Business Translation Services in addition to Interpretation services across different industries
Each and every service is backed to customer satisfaction Guarantee.

Business Document Translation Services for Corporate Translation

Our Translation Services provide our clients the ability to get quality Business Document Translation Services tailored to meet the specific needs of their projects in many languages.
In the market, we are considered one of the leading translation offices in providing translation services with an accurate and high volume business document translation taking in consideration our customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness, and timely delivery.
You can count on us to provide accurate culturally-correct linguistic services and Proofreading if needed, especially for corporate and private organizations which require Fast Translation and Certification of Business Documents.

Translation Phases

  • File Receipt:
  • We receive files and start extracting all the terminology they contain, then research and approach the client to consult him about our translation of such terminology.
  • File translation:
  • Files are divided among our translators who are also furnished with the client's notes so as to put them in their consideration when translating.
  • File Review:
  • Our reviewers carry out a meticulous review of the file, standardizing terminology and modifying style to form a well-adjusted file where style and meaning are concerned.
  • File formatting:
  • Our formatting experts handle the file according to the client's instructions in order to render the file an identical copy of the original where formatting, images and figures are concerned.
  • File printing:
  • Finally, the file is properly printed and official seals are applied to make the file an accredited authoritative document that can be presented to official authorities

Field of specialization in Translation

Legal translation

Legal Translation

Involving the translation of legal dispositions ...

literary translation

literary Translation

That kind of translation which involves linguistic ...

Technical translation

Technical Translation

Translating technical texts, manuals, user guides ...

Medical translation

Medical Translation

Translating technical texts, manuals, user guides ...

Religious translation

Religious Translation

Translating technical texts, manuals, user guides ...

Journalistic translation

Journalistic Translation

Translating news, press analysis, editorials, feature ...