With participation of fifteen (15) Governmental Entities,

Access Centre- Qatar.. Three workshops executed.

Access Centre- Qatar has executed three (3) workshops with the participation of seventy two (72) people who belong to fifteen (15) governmental and non-governmental entities represented as follows: Public Works Authority, Barwa Real Estate, Ministry of Interior, Qatar Investment Authority, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Hemaya Security Service, Qatar University, Doha Bank, Kahramaa, Ministry of Justice, Qatar Petroleum, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Olympic Committee, Ministry of Labour, Qatar Social Work Foundation. The first workshop was titled "Preparing a Strategic Plan"; the second workshop was about executing the strategic plan while the third one was about forming and building the performance indicators.
"The workshop has aimed to entrench concepts of strategic planning that is considered as one of the most major components of work, since it differs from traditional planning because it is based on insight into the company's situation in the future, not predicting the future and preparing for it," Mr.Tariq Al Halees, CEO of Access Centre- Qatar, said.
He added that,"The target of the second workshop represented in training the participants on how to execute the plan, set standards and indicators, determine mechanisms of follow-up and prepare reports." He indicated furthermore that " Themes of the workshop has aimed to transform strategic goals into programs and projects, besides determining the sub-goals for each project, determining the sub-plans, activities and measurement and follow up mechanisms,."
As to the third workshop, Al Halees said that, "It has aimed to familiarize participants with the concept of performance indicators, phases of determining them and how to apply them in reality. Further, the themes of the workshop were about how to build the indicators and to define standards and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), besides determining how the indicators are important in obtaining a successful strategy, strategic and operating indicators and phases of preparing and forming the indicators.
Mr. Al Halees added that, "The workshops, conducted by experts, aimed at spreading the concept of strategic work and building the capacities in that regard." He pointed out that, "The wide governmental and non- governmental participation indicates clearly the determination of the State of Qatar to develop and build capacities within the framework of a comprehensive renaissance in all fields witnessed by the State of Qatar according to the National Development Strategy 2030".