Moore Stephens confirms its endeavor to invest in human capabilities

Strategy Management Conference" recommends to follow up the fulfilment of Qatar National Vision 2030

The Strategy Management and Institutional Performance Assessment Conference, which has been organized by Access Center and recently closed in Doha, has recommended to hold this important conference yearly at the level of Gulf and Arab states to allow for the recognition of new ideas and successful experiments in the field of strategy management and institutional assessment.
In its recommendations, the conference called for: (1) forming an authority or body that includes a number of specialists, experts and consultants adopted by Ministry of Developmental Planning and Statistics to provide support and consultation for different bodies within the state to assist it to execute and follow the strategy; (2) Designing an electronic system to connect the main objectives of every authority within the state to the main objectives of "Qatar National Vision 2030" in order to determine the extent to which authorities in the state work accordingly to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 by designing a system for the assessment and monitoring that connects the different authorities within the state to the Ministry of Developmental Planning and Statistics; and (3) developing a number of standards and indications to help the different bodies in the state to recognize their directions and ability to carry out the strategy, in addition to the importance of conducting internal benchmarking with the different authorities within the state and with external organizations.
The conference had a large participation by a number of experts and consultants who discussed the issues of strategies and institutional assessment focusing on Qatar National Vision 2030.
The conference was sponsored by Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC) as its main sponsor and Qatar University, the Olympic Committee and Barwa Bank Group as co-sponsors in cooperation with the World Company Moore Stephens that has been founded almost 100 years ago. Such cooperation comes in the frame of the company's interest in such methodology of work that leads to success and achievement of objectives and affirms the role that the company plays in the Qatari community and the joint work to achieve objectives and goals.
Moore Stephens runs 667 offices in more than 105 countries in the world. Whereas the professional employee at the group constitutes the real investment; therefore, the sponsorship of such conference springs from the company's interest in the importance of the human element and its role in the process of change and building of the future .
Sami Zaitoon, an active partner of Moore Stephens Qatar, stated that the company has been recently investing in building Arab and non-Arab professional capacities that care about providing world consultation services appropriate to the needs of the Middle East. Such services include the organization and assessment of institutional performance, human resources consultations, strategic planning and financial services for companies. He also indicated that Moore Stephens Company has been cooperating, since its foundation, with a large number of clients within the state of Qatar. The compnay provides its professional and scientific capacities to fulfill the needs of the public and privates sectors respectively. The company has executed many important projects within the state and obtained a license of Financial Audit at the Qatar Financial Center in 2014.
The economic sectors for which the company is providing its services are various. The company has established an important strategy that depends on providing consultative, economic, administrative and financial services for a number of sectors in the state of Qatar.
"The main purpose that should be firstly considered by every decision maker is building a general and detailed strategy for the project that is under execution or planning. Modern science proved the importance of pre-planning for business. Such planning is concluded in the decision of building a strategy for the company." Zaitoon said. He finally added that Moore Stephens Company always seeks through cooperation in this conference to dictate its role in the Qatari community and that it will exert every possible effort to achieve the Qatari strategy to build human beings and prepare them to face developments and comprehensive renaissance that Qatar is witnessing.