Al Watan Qatar – Economic Section

A Course in Work Ethics - Held by Access Centre for the Supreme Judiciary Council:

Year (19) – Monday 16th of Jumada al-Awwal,1435 A.H, corresponding to 17th of March, 2014 – Issue no. (2702)

Access Centre has held a course in institutional loyalty and work ethics for the Supreme Judiciary Council. 43 employees have participated in this course that has aimed to provide the participants with knowledge about the general definitions of institutional loyalty and its impact on economy and specifically on professional career as well as familiarizing participants with work ethics.
This course has enabled participants to identify the different types and aspects of professional loyalty. Since work ethics are deemed as an administrative necessity, the course has aimed to provide participants with the ability to establish a management that is based on career loyalty and work ethics as per the teachings of Islam.
Additionally, the course has introduced methods of establishing work ethics within organisations and the potential obstacles that may preclude the application of such methods; besides introducing the ethics of work environment.
Access Centre's CEO, Tariq Al-Halees, has pointed out that, "This course is a part of the programs of the centre and its role in training and qualifying individuals by providing them with courses that contribute to supporting the staff of both the public and private sectors." He has also indicated that this course is deemed very significant as it is related to the employees of the Supreme Judiciary Council; which conducts a pivotal role to execute justice.
He stated that, ''The course title indicates, generally speaking, the extent of sincerity, involvement and affection an individual expresses towards his/her work." He also indicated that these properties reflect the individual's level of adhering to the goals of the organization he/she works for, and reflects his/her devotion, strong desire, and continuous efforts to achieve these goals. On the other hand, work ethics are represented in the adherence of individuals to the goals and values of the organization where they are working and their willingness to exert their utmost efforts to achieve the goals of this organization. This is beside their strong desire to maintain their positions at these organisations, in addition to standing for their interests, and improving their reputation."
Finally, he stated that, "This course has aimed to improve the skills of employers and managers, as it has guided them to build and reinforce the institutional loyalty of the organizations employees . It has also aimed to assist the employees to measure and evaluate the level of their institutional loyalty, and how to increase their loyalty towards the organization they work at."