15 governmental bodies participate in workshops on Strategic Planning and Performance.

As part of ACCESS Center's focus on developing the skills of its translators and reviewers, the office organized weekly lectures for its staff in Arabic grammar, syntax and wording. In light of this, the Center contracted with the Arabic language professor and lecturer "Mansour Abdel Salam" who is also an Arabic Language expert at the Ministry of Education.
It is worth mentioning that the lectures aim to improve the language level of ACCESS Centre's translators and reviewers. The Centre performs translation and localization work for regional and international bodies and companies, which requires raising the efficiency of its staff in various fields.
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15 governmental bodies participate in workshops on Strategic Planning and Performance.

These bodies were the Public Works Authority, Barwa Real Estate Co., Ministry of Interior, Qatar Investment Authority, Ministry of Finance, Hemaya Security Services, Qatar University, Doha Bank, Kahramaa, Ministry of Justice, Qatar Petroleum, Ministry of Arts, Culture & Heritage, the Qatar Olympic Committee, Ministry of Administrative Labor & Social Affairs and the Social Rehabilitation Center.
Titles of the Workshops varied. The first was "Preparing a Strategic Plan" , while the second was "Implementing the Strategic Plan" and the third was "Developing and Building Performance Indicators" .
Tariq Al Halees, Access Center's CEO, , said that, "The workshops has aimed at consolidating the concepts of the Strategic
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Course in Communication Skills held by "Access Center" for 20 QIIB staff members

Access center has held a course in developing communication skills, troubleshooting and decision-making for 20 QIIB staff members.
The program has focused on the importance of communication skills and its role in improving staff performance and productivity. It has also tackled the importance of communication skills in analyzing work problems and taking the right decisions in order to solve such problems. The program has aimed to raise the participants' awareness of the concept and importance of creative thinking in developing their innovative skills, and has provided training in involving scientific methodologies in the problem solving process. This is in addition to developing the skill of decision-making and opting the best scientific alternatives that could be applied.
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A Course in Work Ethics - Held by Access Centre for the Supreme Judiciary Council

Access Centre has held a course in institutional loyalty and work ethics for the Supreme Judiciary Council. 43 employees have participated in this course that has aimed to provide the participants with knowledge about the general definitions of institutional loyalty and its impact on economy and specifically on professional career as well as familiarizing participants with work ethics.
This course has enabled participants to identify the different types and aspects of professional loyalty. Since work ethics are deemed as an administrative necessity, the course has aimed to provide participants with the ability to establish a management that is based on career loyalty and work ethics as per the teachings of Islam.
Additionally, the course has introduced methods of establishing work ethics within organisations and the potential obstacles that may preclude the application of such methods; besides introducing the ethics of work environment.
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"Access Centre" organizes a training course for Qatar Islamic International Bank's employees.

Access Centre- Qatar has organized a course about supervisory skills for fifteen (15) employees who work at the Qatar Islamic International Bank. The course, which lasted for four (4) days, addressed several themes, such as how to plan, set work plan, achieve goals, evaluate performance, set standards and indicators, how to communicate with others and motivate and build motivations. Moreover, the course included training on the authorization skill and how to distribute job tasks to subordinates; skills of preservation of employees; discovering and developing intellectual capital and using thinking patterns in order to analyse problems and make decisions.
"This course comes in the framework of the training plan that is executed periodically by the Qatar Islamic International Bank for employees in several departments of the bank. We in the bank are keen to continuously raise the efficiency of our human cadres in accordance with high banking standards," Mr. Ali Hamad Almsafry, Head of the Operating Sector in the Islamic International Bank said.     Read more ....